Poria Cocos Extract (Wolfiporia extensa)

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Poria Cocos may be called Poria, Tuckahoe, Indian bread or Fu-Ling in Chinese. Poria Cocos is a mushroom which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has been widely accepted in modern medicine as a treatment for inflammation and as a central nervous system depressant. Poria Cocos looks like a potato that may be seen growing in pine tree roots and dead barks. The Poria Cocos can destroy timber if left unattended. This mushroom has a soft texture with a sweet flavor when used in cooking. The Poria Cocos is usually dried and used in ancient Chinese medication.


1. Enhance physiological activity and stimulate the function of the immune system.
2. Induce and induce interferon and leukocyte regulation.
3. Antiviral ,reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
4. Protecting liver and lowering transaminase,anti-aging,maintain beauty and keep young.
5. Used for edema and oliguria, phlegm, palpitation, deficiency of spleen deficiency, diarrhea, anxiety, panic, insomnia.


*Applied in health product field;
*Applied in pharmaceutical field;
*Applied in cosmetic field;
*Applied in food field.

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