Podophyllotoxin (Podophyllum peltatum L.)

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Podophyllotoxin is derived from the roots of podophyllum plant. It is applied directly to genital warts. When it penetrates the wart tissue, it has a toxic effect on the nuclei of the wart cells. The nucleus is the cell's control centre. It controls cell division and multiplication (mitosis). This results in the healthy growth of tissue. Podophyllotoxin is an antimitotic and by its action on the nuclei, prevents the wart cells from dividing. This stops the cells multiplying. Over time, all the wart cells die and new healthy tissue grows in their place.

Main Function:

1. Podophylline is mainly used in treat acuity condyloma.
2. Podophylline has the effect in relieving rheumatism, prevent cough and ache, invigorate the circulation of blood and detoxification.
3. As Antiviral agents.Podophylline can solve hot, diminish inflammation, ease pain, broken blood, efficiency promoting tissue regeneration.
4. Podophyllum extract displays a range of activities such as cathartic, purgative, antiviral, vesicant, and antihelminthic.
5. Podophyllum extract is also used as a gel or solution to treat genital warts with noticeably shorter duration and fewer side effects.


1. Applied in health product field;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

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