Synephrine (Citrus aurantium)

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Synephrine is the main "active" compound found in the fruit of a plant called Citrus aurantium. The fruit is also known as zhi shi (in traditional Chinese medicine), and as green orange, sour orange and bitter orange in other parts of the world. In application of traditional Chinese medical science, synephrine is used to dispel bloating and a lump in the abdomen and phlegm, and to cureedema, constipation, gastroptosis, prolapse of uterus and rectocele.


1. Synephrine is helpful to gastroptosis, prolapse of the rectum, prolapse of the uterus;
2. Synephrine is used to treat pectoral pain and stuffiness sensation due to stagnation of phlegm and qi;
3. Synephrine has effect on stagnation of qi marked by feeling of stuffiness, fullness and distending pain, tenesmus in dysentery, or constipation;
4. Synephrine has the function of treatment of tenderness and feeling of fullness in the costal regions or from the epigastrium down to the lower abdomen accompanied by constipation.


1. Applied in food field, it is used as a flavor enhancer and sweetener in a wide variety of alcoholicbeverage, dessert foods and savory foods;
2. Applied in cosmetics, it can added into toothpaste and mouth wash ;
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to reducing the bitterness of in form.


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