Berberine HCL (Berberis vulgaris)

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Berberine hcl is a yellow crystalline powder, odorless and bitter. Berberine hcl for antibiotic, mainly used in intestinal infection and clinical bacillary dysentery, etc., for dysentery bacillus, escherichia coli, pneumonic diplococcus, s. aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae, salmonella typhi and amoeba has inhibitory effect. It also found that the drug has an anti-arrhythmia effect. Berberine has strong anti-tumor activity in vivo and can induce B16 cell differentiation. It has a synergistic effect on the body in vitro.


1. It is used to treat intestinal infection such as gastroenteritis, bacterial dysentery, eye conjunctivitis and suppurative otitis media.
2. It has antiarrhythmic effects.
3. Berberine hcl with the function of antibacterial.
4. Relieving consumptive fever,to nourish yin and reduce fire.


1. Applied in health care products filed.
2. Applied in Pharmaceutical filed.

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