Naringenin (Rutaceae)

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Naringenin is a kind of natural flavonoid compounds, widely existing in the pomelo of rutaceous plants. It is mainly coming from the enzymolysis of naringin with the functions of anti-microbial, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, preventing cough and eliminating phlegm, decreasing blood fat, anti-tumor and anti-cancer, spasmolysis, scavenging free radical, preventing and treating liver diseases, anti-platelet clotting, anti-atherosclerotic of arteries etc., widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare product industry etc.


1. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-mutation, anti-carcinogen.
2. Antioxidant,anti-microbico,free radical scavenging.
3. Tranquilizing, lowering blood viscosity , reduce the emerge of the thrombus.
4. Spasmolysis and cholagogue,prevent and treat liver disease.
5. It has a strong relieve a cough and expectorant effect.


1. It is widely used in medicine industry;
2. It is widely used in food industry;
3. It is widely used in healthcare product industry;

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