Honokiol (Magnolia officinalis)

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Honokiol is present in magnolia bark at about one to five percent, and magnalol is present at roughly two to ten percent. Typical doses use three to nine grams of bark in hot water. Other traditional formulas include pin yin for constipation and congestion, whichincorporates different proportions of magnolia bark extract, rhubarb, and chih-shih depending on its targeted function. Pin yin formulas for digestive system weakness tend to mix magnolia bark with ginger and licorice. Respiratory issues are often treated with formulas mixing magnolia bark extract and cinnamon twig.

Main Function:

1. Honokiol is powerful antioxidant in cardiovascular diseases;
2. Honokiol can inhibit bacteria growth and viral infection;
3. Honokiol can protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease;
4. Honokiol can alleviate anxiety, improve sleep and relieves insomnia, and cure the habit of tobacco;
5. Honokiol has the function of anti-tumo,anti-inflammatory.
6. Honokiol also has effect on anti-canker,and anti-dental caries and anti-periodontal disease.


1. It is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products;
2. It is widely used in cosmetics industry;
3. It is widely used in health care products industry.


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