Mushroom Extract (Lentinula edodes)

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Shiitake mushrooms are an edible variety of mushroom native to China, particularly known for their healing properties. The mushrooms themselves are brown and fleshy with a curved cap that can grow anywhere between 5 to 25cm in diameter. The shiitake mushroom has been cultivated in Asia for well over 1000 years – there is record of its growth as early as 1000AD, and is now the third most widely produced mushroom in the world. The shiitake mushroom has been used as a symbol of longevity in Asian countries due to its health-promoting properties. Polysaccharide is a effective active ingredient extracted from selection of Shiitake mushroom fruit body, its scent, nutrient-rich, efficacy significantly, can be used as all kinds of health care products, food and spices added ingredients.

Main Function:

1. Lentinan has the effect of lowering serum total cholesterol , protecting liver and its detoxification;
2. Shiitake mushroom extract has the function of improving immunity;
3. Shiitake mushroom extract has the effect of reducing H2O2 so that it can defer senility.


1. Applied in food field, it is used as food additives added into many kinds of product;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, as the raw material of basic drugs;
3. Applied in healthy food materials.

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