Millet Extract (Paniceae)

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Millet Seed is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most important in East Asia. It has the longest history of cultivation among the millets, having been grown in China since sometime in the sixth millennium BC. It is an annual grass with slim, vertical, leafy stems which can reach a height of 120–200 cm (3.9–6.6 ft).The seedhead is a dense, hairy panicle 5–30 cm (2.0–12 in) long. The small seeds, around 2 mm (less than 1/8 in.) in diameter, are encased in a thin, papery hull which is easily removed in threshing. Millet can supply the human body rich nutrition, it contains more corn grain of protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals. Corn in the embryo adipose content is about 52%, in food crops, its content after soybean. The protein and vitamin content also higher than rice. However, corn lacking some essential amino acids, so if and beans, rice, noodles and mixed eat, can make up for the deficiency of the it.


1. The function of tonifying kidney, remove heat and detoxify, spleen and stomach deficiency, nausea, vomiting,diarrhea.
2. Prevention and control of indigestion,the adjustable intestines and stomach.
3. Prevent the function of stomach and vomiting.
4. It has the effect of nourishing Yin and nourishing blood.


1. Applied in food field;
2. Applied in health food field;
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field;

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