Purple Cabbage Powder (Brassica oleracea L. Var. Capiata L)

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Purple cabbage powder is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from crucifer cabbage, whose byname is red vegetable. It contains anthocyanins, flavones and tannins. The amaranthine liquid or powder color is soluble in water, alcohol, but insoluble in oil and absolute alcohol. The environment PH value can influence its hue and stability. At PH 2.0-6.0, the color is red or amaranthine; at PH 7.0, it is blue: at PH above 7.0, it is unstable green. it can be used in the coloring of wine, carbonic acid drinks, juice drink, jam and candy.


Other Name: Purple Cabbage Freeze-dried Powder
Specification: Straight Powder
Appearance: Red Purple Powder
Mesh Size: 80 Mesh
Used Part: Stem Leaf
Active Ingredient: Anthocyanidins
Shelf Life: 2 Years


1. It has anti-fatigue,anti-radiation,anti-aging effects.
2. It has effect on anti-radiation, anti-inflammation. 
3. It is effective on arthritis, gout, eye disorders, heart disease, ageing. 
4. It can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, and treatment of constipation.
5. It has the function of strengthening spleen and kidney and improving circulation. 
6. It can cure pain in the liver area due to chronic hepatitis, flatulence, weak digestion.


(1). It is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. It is an ideal colorant used in wine, drink, syrup, jam, ice cream, pastry and so on;
(2). Applied in the health product field;
(3). Applied in the pharmaceutical field;
(4).Applied inthe cosmetics field.

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