Durian Powder (Durio zibethinus)

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Durian fruit contains a variety of vitamins, nutrition is rich, unique flavor, has a laudatory name "the king of fruits". Durian Powder is rich in protein, vitamins, lipids, appetizing, eliminating phlegm, soothing the liver, enhance sexual functions, warm the body, the female body and the physiological also have very good maintenance effect.

Main Function:

1. Durian Powder can boost immunity, anti-aging.
2. Durian Powder can invigorate the circulation, relieving menstrual cramps.
3. Durian Powder can replenish the energy and nutrients your body needs.
4. Durian Powder can enhance sexual functions, warm the body.
5. Durian Powder can appetizing and work up an appetite.
6. Durian Powder can promote bowel movement, treat constipation.
7. Durian Powder can prevention and treatment of hypertension.


1. Breakfast and cereals.
2. Desserts, ice-creams and yogurts.
3. Cake and biscuit.
4. Chewing and bubble gums.
5. Vitamins and supplements.
6. Baby food.
7. Used in beverages, candy, health food.

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