Fo-Ti Extract (Fallopia multiflora)

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Fo-ti is also known as Polygonum multiflorum, Polygonum floribunda, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, it grows in a warm and humid climate environment with rich sandy loam, we use Guangxi wild Polygonum multiflorum which grows in 200-3000 meters above sea level, due to the humid climate and nutrient-rich soil, the Guangxi Polygonum multiflorum contains rich natural ingredients,it’s a precious Chinese herbal medicines.


1. Anti-aging, regulating the activity of central nervous system, thus to delay the aging of brain;
2. Delay thymus degradation which caused by aging, improve immunity of body;
3. Improve the body running, reduce the cholesterol, lower blood fat and inhibit the development of atherosclerotic;
4. Protect liver, it is good for liver which can increase the function of hepatic glycogen.
5. Antibiotic action,neuroprotective effect,Enrich the blood,blacken the beard and hair 


1. Applied in health product field, to protect liver kidney with excellent results;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, It has certain effect for the treatment of fatty liver;
3. Applied in cosmetic field, it is also referred as wash hair products, with the function of germinal hair play.

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