Dragon's blood Extract (Croton lechleri)

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Dragon's blood is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plant genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus. The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the aforementioned purposes. Dragon's blood resin creates a very strong herbal and spicy fragrance. It's considered to be cleansing and as such, has been added in small amounts to Frankincense mixtures used in churches. Dragon's blood is a deep red, shiny resin used in incense burning. The fruit of the tree is covered with scales. The resin seeps out between the scales, is collected, cleansed and then melted.Dragon's blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of their rituals.


1. Removes stasis pain, stop bleeding, the production of clinically used fall wreck, internal injuries stasis painful, traumatic bleeding.
2. It also can reduce swelling and pain and promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis.
3. Antioxidant,Anti-inflammatory.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.
2. Applied in cosmetics field.
3. Applied in health products field.

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