L-Methionine (Met)

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L-Methionine is one of essential amino acids constituting the human body, involved in protein synthesis. Because it can not be generated in the body itself, it must be obtained from outside. A lack of methionine can interfere with protein synthesis in the body and cause bodily injury. Excessive oxidation of membrane lipid caused by free radicals of oxygen in the body is the cause of various damages to the body. Lipid peroxides can damage primary and secondary lysosomal membranes. The release of acid phosphatases contained in lysozyme as hydrolysis, damage to important organelles such as cells and mitochondrial membranes, methionine fights these damages in a variety of ways. It is safe to use it in the food, but not appropriate for infants and young children's food.


1. L-Meliorate the balance of amino acid for metabolism and supplement the insufficiency of L-lysine.
2. L-Methionine can protection of liver function.
3. L-Methionine is one of essential amino acids constituting the human body, involved in protein synthesis.
4. It can accelerate the growth of hair and nail.
5. Functions of detoxification and strengthening the muscle activity ability. 
6. Reduce the possibility of diarrhea and help to digest. 
7. Enhance the body's immune ability, effective to avoid infectious disease. 


1. Applied in food field;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field;
3. Applied in feed field.

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