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Incense is a remedy already mentioned in the Bible. The healing effects of incense and its basic substance myrrh have therefore been well known since ancient times. However, the scientific research of this traditional remedy was only started a short time ago. The results are very promising, so that frankincense is indeed a real remedy and not a suggestive.

The classic indications in which incense is used as a remedy are inflammations of all kinds as well as colds and even depressions. Research even goes so far as to investigate frankincense as a cancer drug. In this respect one should always take a close look at natural remedies. But even in this particularly critical application, promising results seem to be emerging.

Myrrh is a rubber resin obtained from certain balsam trees. After drying and hardening of the resin it is called "incense". The resin can now actually be turned into smoke by igniting it. However, it has been used for thousands of years in its dry, pure form for healing purposes. In its smoking form it is very popular as an inhalant, although its dosage is not easy. Pure inhalation of the smoke is not recommended, because the user may pass out due to lack of oxygen. Besides it is eaten in pill form or dissolved in tea.

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