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Appearance: Light brown fine powder; Visual Inspection
Nitrogen Compound: ≧50%; Total nitrogen content
Water: ≦7%; Karl Fischer method
Lead (Pb): ≦20ppm; Atomic absorption spectrometry
Arsenic (as As2O3): ≦2ppm; Atomic absorption spectrometry
Total Plate Count: ≦1,000/g; Standard agar plate culture method
Coliform Count: Negative; BGLB method
Yeast & Mold: ≦100/g; Potato dextrose agar culture method


A liver is known as highly nutritious food and has been used in the treatment for hepatic diseases since ancient times. However, its nutritional function is not fully used due to the characteristic odor and texture which most people find distasteful. In this age of plenty, with increased consumption of alcohol and fat (which strain the liver), the number of potential liver patients is going up. “Liver-Hi” is water-soluble peptide powder which is made from the porcine liver degraded with enzymes and whose characteristic odor is removed. As powder, it has excellent absorbability. “Liver-Hi” can be used for various foods. It is a natural food material appropriate for health maintenance and liver function improvement.


Acute Toxicity LD50: NLT 5.0g/kg (male mouse, Oral admin.)
Mutation test: Negative (Bacterial reverse mutation assay)

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