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Iron in the Body:

•Approximately 70% of the body iron is stored in the hemoglobin of the red blood cells.
•Iron is essential for oxygen delivery in the body.
•Iron is especially important for athletes because it is concerned with “sport anemia”.
•A majority of adult female has an iron deficiency, which would affect skin, hair and nail.
•Growing children also have an iron deficiency.

Iron Content (%): 1.0 ~1.5% (in-house specifications); o-Phenanthroline colorimetric method
Description: Blackish brown powder with a little characteristic odor; 1*
Identification: Compiles with (1) ~ (3); 1*
Particle Size: 60 mesh pass ≧95%; Mesh pass verification
Protein: ≧70%; Total nitrogen content
Loss on Drying: ≦5.0%; 1*
Residue on Ignition: ≦12.0%; 1*
Heavy Metal (as Pb): ≦20μg/g; 1*
Arsenic (as As2O3): ≦2μg/g (in-house specifications); 1*
Total Plate Count: ≦1,000/g; Standard agar plate culture method
Coliforms: Negative; BGLB method
Molds & Yeasts: ≦100/g; Potato dextrose agar culture method

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